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Since 2018, designer Sarah Varca has been creating irreverent designs and collections for the bride who is unafraid to be bold.

All Varca pieces are created made-to-measure with utmost attention to detail in her cozy Chicago studio. Though every piece she creates is imbued with her signature playfulness Varca says, “There is nothing I take more seriously than making women feel fabulous.” From ballgowns with leather piping, to sequin jumpsuits with matching feathered jackets, Varca designs for the badass brides looking to stand out on their wedding day.


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Britt Von Decker

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made for you

We are a body positive brand and believe that on her wedding day a bride deserves a gown tailored just for her. That’s why each one of our gowns is bespoke to its bride’s individual measurements. All gowns are handmade in Chicago by talented people paid a living wage.


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